We at “H & D Recruitment,” pay special attention to the workers we hire and supply to other businesses such as corporate organisations, restaurants, offices, supermarkets, any form of business which their client operates and needs manpower- we supply it. Understanding the nature of our agency is an important aspect we search for in the people we hire. We expect our workers to maintain an air of professionalism in any matter which arises.

Roles & Responsibilities of Our Staff

Hospitality Sector

  • In the hospitality sector, our staff is meant to update their methods of work following the needs of the clients.
  • Housekeepers, maids, etc. are supposed to completely satisfy the clients in terms of their work such as cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc.
  • In the case of damage of any equipment or any form of harm brought to the possessions of the clients, the staff must notify the agency immediately.
  • The housekeeping staff should work to assure the clients of their results to enlarge the agency’s reputation.
  • The staff is required to submit all necessary documentation deemed important by the agency.
  • The staff is expected to follow through with the agency’s policies and honestly conduct their attitude.
  • In terms of complaints or criticism, the staff is required to listen and change their habits under the demands of the client.

Medical Sector

  • Medical professionals are meant to provide proof of their legitimacy and present their qualifications at the time of hiring.
  • Medical professionals and housekeepers must understand the importance of hygiene and maintain their working ethics in correspondence with the demands of the clients.
  • Medical professionals, such as physical therapists are meant to plan out the best treatment for their patients concerning the working of their muscles, joints, etc.
  • Professionals who deal with disabled patients are meant to be cared for in all aspects, such as home care, grooming, feeding, etc.
  • Home nurses are expected to maintain the equivalent level of hygiene in the patient’s room to that of a hospital room.
  • Medical employees must conform to the documentation they provide to avoid instances of medical malpractice.

Aviation Sector

  • In the aviation sector, employees are meant to undergo a vetting procedure by our team to confirm the qualifications and validity of said documents.
  • The employees are meant to undergo a Disclosure and Barring service as requested by the agency’s policy.
  • Each employee must be devoted to their work and work towards strengthening the ties with the clients.
  • Every employee of the aviation sector either be the ground staff or the security staff, they are meant to provide legal documents as per the request of the agency.
  • The security staff is meant to thoroughly check every passenger and must exercise control at any occurrence of an emergency.
  • Character references are to be provided as per the request of the agency and clients.
  • A basic level of criminal record disclosure is a requirement that befalls all of our employees.