Before committing to a company or agency, an individual will make decisions based on how welcomed they feel. Here at “H & D Recruitment,” it is in our utmost best interest to priorities the needs of our clients and work in an orderly fashion alongside them. Our focus is entirely based on how to provide suitable remedies to the needs of our clients. One of our ongoing goals is to form new relationships with potential clients and provide them with a sense of comfort and strengthen those relationships through our services. The services we provide in our hospitality sector are present in a variety that will be most accessible to the clients.


Professional Medical Care

One of the services our company provides is to supply our clients with medical care which meets their requirements. The medical staff our agency generates is certified and meets the qualifications to aid in your day-to-day needs. Registered nurses, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists who assist in daily activities for disabled people, Speech therapists, Volunteers, along health professionals who assist in the client’s treatment. Our agency understands the fragility of the situation regarding medical care, keeping the thought in mind we work towards managing it with attention to detail.

Authentication of Medical Workers

The matter involving the medical field is to be dealt with extreme care and fragility. “H & D Recruitment,” empathises with our clients and has developed to ensure that the medical professionals we provide meet the required demands and are qualified for the position. Every worker undergoes a certain degree of testing and processes which our agency enlists to ensure that there is no chance of medical malpractice. Upon the client’s request, we also provide any necessary checkups for the workers. All is done to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results.


Attention to Hygiene

One of the most important details regarding medical care is related to hygiene as it is an integral part of this line of work that cannot be compromised in any way. Hence, the staff we provide understand the necessity to pay attention to detail relating to hygienic care. In the case of home services, our staff works to deliver the best experience which the clients will be most pleased with. In the scenario of home services regarding medical services, the destabilisation of the environment to make it the best germ-free treatment space. Including in this sector, we provide housekeepers separately whose services are up to date and will work to meet the client’s requirements. The workers are flexible in the sense that the services they provide will conform with the demands of the clients and work to adapt to the environment.

Aviation Services

With the progression of our agency, we offer service workers in multiple areas, one of them involving aviation as well. Our services are not restricted to a specific line of work but cover a large area of vicinity of different professions. We undergo a thorough observatory process in assigning workers in the specified field that the clients require. The aviation service workers we offer range from Aircraft cleaners, Airside security officers, Baggage handlers, Cargo agents, and many more which can be provided as per the client’s request. The workers we provide are closely supervised by the agency in the job they are assigned to the level of professionalism and proper conduct of working is maintained no matter the circumstance. If damages occur, the workers will be in contact with the agency to offer reparations. “H & D Recruitment,” strives to assure the clients at any moment of inconvenience and handles the matter with an air of professionalism.


Vetting Procedure

To avoid mishaps or incompetent workers, our company has a vetting team that pays strict attention to all the legal documents and qualifications concerned with the position that we are required to fill. We understand the need for such procedures and make sure that the client’s requirements are being fulfilled in any way possible. All the legal documents go through a specific screening process which our team handles and maintains a fact check of all important data that is required of the workers. We take matters of legal documentation with all seriousness and fulfil this requirement in all cases.

Disclosure and Barring Service

Another measure that our agency tries to maintain, is the Disclosure and Barring Service through which we can establish the safety of our clients and provide them with competent workers who will strive to fulfil their demands. It is an ongoing endeavour through which our agency desires to maintain that the client’s relationship with the agency is built upon integrity and honesty. All of this is to be maintained if the agency generates competent workers who are qualified for the positions required by the clients. Therefore, we understand the need and specifically process such procedures on a close level to maintain social standing.

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