“H & D Recruitment,” prioritises the maintenance of security that we provide to our clients. We have a thorough inspection policy to assess whether the applicant is suitable for the job. We undergo specific screening procedures to confirm the validity of all the staff we provide. In terms of security, the staff has a heavy responsibility to safeguard the client’s needs and demands. Employees must understand the nature of the job and perform their tasks accordingly.

Expectations and Requirements:
Several responsibilities fall upon the security staff, keeping them in mind they must appropriately conduct their actions.
We expect our staff to have a firm understanding of public safety.
The staff is expected to secure all possible exits, windows, entrances.
Every applicant for the security sector undergoes a thorough screening process which allows the agency to decide whether they are suitable for the position.
The staff must be prepared for any emergencies that may arise.
In case of fire accidents, the staff is expected to excavate the people within the premises and guide them out of imminent danger.
An attitude of proper poise and professionalism is to be expected from the staff.
Bouncers present outside clubs are to check identification and ensure that no unknown or minors are to enter the building.
Assistance is to be provided at any given time, as per the responsibilities of the staff.
It is the responsibility of the security guards to conduct a thorough inspection of the belongings which are to enter the premises.
Any form of dangerous, hazardous equipment must be confiscated immediately.
In the case of the outbreak of a physical assault, the staff is expected to interfere and handle the matter calmly.
Security guards are to remain vigilant at all times.
The staff is required to report any form of suspicious activity and act upon instructions in a timely manner.
Security staff present at venues where VIP members are present must keep a thorough check-up of all the activities taking place at the premises at all times.
Corporate events require an air of professionalism, hence it’s important for the staff to conduct their tasks in an orderly fashion.
Guards are to display their crowd management skills when deemed necessary.
In case of fire incidents, guards are to exhibit a calm performance and secure the emergency exits.
The staff is expected to exhibit a performance of composure to put the client at ease.
Guards overlooking the surveillance cameras must remain vigilant and observe the footage at all times to minimise the damages in case of emergencies.
The staff should accommodate the needs of the clients and change their behaviour accordingly.