“H & D Recruitment,” understands the need for teamwork and building a strong relationship with their workers. Our prospects are built upon acknowledging the needs of our workers and providing them with a safe work environment. Providing them with instructions and having open communication is how we aspire to build further relationships with our employees. We have certain expectations from our staff which are required to obtain a position in our agency.

Roles & Responsibilities of Our Staff
Workers are to develop time management skills for the most effective results.
Warehouse workers will be required to submit character references and other documents per request of the agency or client.
The agency is allowed to conduct background checks upon the workers to confirm the legitimacy of their skills and qualifications.
The staff should work on their organisation skills as it is an asset to the warehouse sector.
Diligence and attention to detail- both are qualities appreciated in our employees.
Our agency appreciates workers who can assess through the instructions and manage their time accordingly.
The workers need to learn how to function the machinery present at the warehouse.
The sorting and accountability of the boxes and products present are a must.
Workers are to establish a firm communication relationship with the client.
Upon requests of change, the staff must accommodate the client’s needs.
Damages are inevitable in the warehouse sector, as such contacting the agency should be the first step.
Working towards a lively environment with stability should be a priority.
Sorting through the products, checking them for any damage, and sending them to other locations, should all be tasks workers should have a practice of.
Using the computerised data system to track orders should be known by the workers.
The staff should prioritise their physical health as it is valuable in this line of work.
The workers should be ready to present good organisation skills and multitasking in this sector.
High stamina is another requirement to meet the demands of the job.
Working in the warehouse sector includes a lot of physical strain, as such workers are required to maintain their physique and be active as part of the requirements of their working environment.
Rules, procedures, schedules all should be taken into consideration for the maximum work done in a day.
The staff should work towards completing the tasks with efficiency and dedication.
Working towards the appeasement of the client is a must.
A professional code of conduct is to be followed at all times.
In cases of emergencies, workers are to maintain a form of civility and evacuate calmly.
Assisting in situations concerning attention is a necessity.
Proving to be an asset rather than a liability should be a reminder.
Loyalty, Integrity, and Hardwork are all aspects appreciated and well rewarded.